Halloween Fest 2020; Recess Hauntings

Hello, it’s the first of the month, October to be exact so that means it’s the start of Halloween Fest something I will be doing all over October and twice every …

Monthly Update; September 2020

Hi everyone, I hope we are all good and coping with the pandemic and it’s not too stressful. Wow this year has gone quick despite it feeling slow at the start …


Daily Playlist

6 am – 6 pm (BST) (Daytime Playlist)

12 am – 10 am (BST) (Night time playlist)

Weekly Playlist 6pm-12pm

6 pm-12 am (BST)

New Music Mondays/New Music Playlist

6 pm-12 am (BST)

Tear It Up Tuesday/Different Styles Of Genres Playlist           

6 pm – 12 am (BST)

Wacky Wednesdays Funny & /Weird Songs And Titles Playlist

6 pm – 12 am (BST)

Throwback Thursday/Old style Tracks Playlist  

6 pm – 10 am (BST)

Wicked Weekend’s/House Playlist (Friday)

6 pm – 10 am (BST)

Wicked Weekend’s/House Playlist (Saturday)

6pm-6 am (BST)

Easy Sunday Vibes/Chill-Hop

6pm-6am (BST)

You can also request tracks here;



10th-31st October- 6pm-12am

Halloween Playlist

24th October-1st November 6pm-6am

Halloween Playlist



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