Music Videos

Some of my music videos I made throughout the years to be put on my channel on Youtube.

Video Mixes

A selection of my best mixes I’ve made I’ve put visuals to and put on my channels on Youtube.

Video Vault

Here you will find music videos and visuals from some of the songs I made and released/unreleased throughout the years.

10 Tracks That I Love To Hear When Clubbing & Raving

I love a good banger to get me off on one and dancing sometimes I have to restrain myself but then sometimes I can’t restrain it anymore and just let go. …

10 Tracks That Have Personal Meaning Behind It

Following on to the other two 10 tracks I thought I’ll do another one but this time 10 tracks that have meaning to me. The songs listed are tracks I’ve heard …

Advent/Santa’s House; Christmas Party Playlist

Today I have 10 songs released around Christmas but are all club remixes starting on my year of birth 1985 skipping some of course cos no one wants to hear bewitched …

I Went To My First Interactive Theatre Show

Today I went to an interactive theatre show with my dad and his girlfriend which I actually really enjoyed. We went for a nice Indian before going to the famous Colston …