She Was One In A Million

How I Met Aaliyah

Today is a sad day as it’s the anniversary of Aaliyah’s death and is the 18th year she has not been here to bless us with her spirit and talents. For those who don’t know who she was Aaliyah was a singer, actress and committed dancer and was a triple threat in the 90s and had a promised 2000s, before she was killed in a plane crash on August 25th 2001 after shooting the video Rock The Boat and died at the age of 22. Sometime around 97, I was lucky enough to meet Aaliyah in person at my school in Bristol U.K. I always loved Aaliyah and Age Ain’t Nothin But A Number, her debut album was on blast everywhere I went. A lot of debate too was she being too gangsta in the style of her clothes? Was management trying to capitalize on gangsta rap and Mary J Blige’s success so much talk, all said and done they loved her and had the album. One Nation was the one for me smooth she kept it, just stop right there with all that swag harmonic goodness and At Your Best the remix version is, in my opinion, the 90s banger that shows off the best of 90’s slow jams/R’n’B. When she came to my school in 97 she just released or was about to release her second album of her career One In A Million, she was wearing combat trousers and had her trademark dark glasses on and was on the stage of the main hall of the school. I was having a rough time at that point and wasn’t the best time to meet one of your idols and I wasn’t even going to go but I thought I have to as it was a once in a lifetime opportunity as the teachers kept banging on about we were all excited, well must of us was. She sang If Your Girl Only Knew and another track which I can’t remember which one it was. Afterwards, she did a meet and greet and I can say people she is the sweetest person.and a good sense of humour I know the sense of humour bit as I was watching her and she was busting jokes with the crew she was with and I could sense she was outgoing and my kind of girl. I managed to have a couple of minutes conversation where somehow she asked me about what music do I listen to I think I told her my dad has got your album and we love it somehow she asked me what music do I like and I can’t remember which artists I said one of them was SWV I am a big R’n’B fan especially slow jams and club tracks but she said I had swag which I blushed at and still do every time as I don’t see it as swag I just label it as good music and bad music there is no swag in my eyes fashion is different though but I do know it’s not a bad thing if you don’t push too hard being swag.

As I said I always liked Aaliyah but after meeting her she has always been with me music-wise and is someone I looked up to as an idol her, Missy Elliot and anything Timbaland produced in the ’90s and early 2000s. It’s a shame thinking about it breaking up the unstoppable trio who knows where she would have been now probably taking a backseat like the other 90’s artists but I feel there was a hole in music after her death as that trio was no more and lacked that something special though there were a lot of good artists out there at that time it was just missing something. The impact of her death was a big one for me and I didn’t know it at the time but I suffer from psychosis and didn’t help my mental state. I know better now but at the time I was believing some trippy shit and hearing some trippy shit and I was convinced she was murdered and she was haunting people she marked as targets, funny now but at the time it was some scary stuff. I literally thought no one knew but a few people and the rich and famous of course. I linked everything from my meeting with her to what she was saying in the music which led me down some dark paths which I’m glad I took as I know better now and know not to be scared of dumb stuff like celebrities and their powers. It made me do some crazy stuff like go on twitter and facebook and go on their pages to rant, yes I am sorry to those who I offended or upset that wasn’t funny and probably caused some damage or made people’s speculation more real to life but that’s what crazy does it makes you believe and do all sorts of crazy stuff. I can safely say that’s all behind me now and I can look at the brighter side of life but wow that was some stupid stuff but couldn’t be helped. I was going to make a mix but I thought I do a post instead some of my favourites Aaliyah tracks throughout the years she was here, so here they are.

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