Monthly Update; October 2020

Hello everyone how are we all I hope we are all okay. I’m starting to notice it’s getting darker quicker again and not long now till Christmas what under three months……wow. …

Halloween Fest 2020; Recess Hauntings

Hello, it’s the first of the month, October to be exact so that means it’s the start of Halloween Fest something I will be doing all over October and twice every …



Rebitten By The Lizard is a 12 track Vaporwave/Prog Rock/Hauntology album and is a remake album about my holiday I took 3 years ago when I visited Lizard in Cornwall. The first album Bitten By The Lizard was a Garage/House album and I decided to remake it as I had better gear and visions and also I felt it wasn’t saying what I would like it to be saying this album is different and is all my creative work. 



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