Halloween Fest 2020; Recess Hauntings

Hello, it’s the first of the month, October to be exact so that means it’s the start of Halloween Fest something I will be doing all over October and twice every …

Monthly Update; September 2020

Hi everyone, I hope we are all good and coping with the pandemic and it’s not too stressful. Wow this year has gone quick despite it feeling slow at the start …



Mind The G.A.P or Mind The Government & People is a 12 track Vaporwave/Prog Rock/Hauntology album all about the corruptions of the world, yes nice and cheerful this album. It was inspired by certain posts on facebook and other places where they believe the blatant government propaganda and the album is just to remind people, not that all people need to be reminded but to the few just stop with the lapdog attitude just bend over why don’t you, always watch out for the government and watch out for the followers the so say, people. 




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