Red lipstick on the collar reminds her of yesterday,

Though it’s all not clear,

Memories fade away,

Dodgy deals in the corner people come and go,

Selling fake designers,

But the real people know,

In the club but underaged,

Bright lights flashing,

All around the stage,

People drinking and swaying around,

The music is blasting,

All thoughts are drowned,

Everyone vibing everyone dancing,

The cupids are out

With their charm and romancing,

At the bar Hennessey is being poured,

Whilst the ladies Look around kinda bored,

One says this place is dead,

Fancy going to Dino’s instead,

So they took off and she was right behind,

Dino’s was the spot

And a local find,

It was a couple streets down and had a good location,

With massive palm trees outside

Felt like she was on vacation,

It was only 10.30 and the place was busy,

More Hennessey pouring

And bottles of fizzy,

The dancefloor was filled with people having a good time,

The joint was playing

By Busta Rhymes Hands in the air and some wrists be shining,

When Kevin Lyttle came on The ladies start whining,

Then some drama would unfold,

Fist would fly,

From the bold,

The bouncer’s would come in and break it up,

People would back away

Whilst other’s would duck,

Everyone whipping their phones out filming the scene,

One in the corner being sick

I think he is green,

Now the party is in full swing, Put your hands up

You should of brought her that ring,

It’s now 12.36 and the place is going,

One person looks at her knowing,

It’s like he knew she wasn’t old enough to be in here,

But he gave her a awkward smile

Which unhinged the fear,

Back on the dancefloor and it’s been hours,

It must be that time already as the woman is selling flowers,

Only a couple of hours before closing,

But the night will never end,

With all the camera posing,

She’s out of her face and her head starts spinning,

Her friend asks is she okay

And she start grinning,

Maybe she should ease up on those drinks,

But it takes the emotion away And she don’t think,

Yes she admits it makes her feel better,

And it’s stops her From getting wetter,

Into a down hill spiral,

Jump off the bridge And go viral,

She won’t be a victim of circumstance,

She won’t be silenced,

She’ll do her stance,

Whether she gets high or get drunk,

Nothing will stop her

They are little punks,

It’s 3.35 and the place is closing soon,

Flyers of the after party Is circulating the room,

People worn out but not yet tired,

Other’s sit in the corner all wired,

She gets a last drink it’s pineapple Malibu,

She drinks it fast

And goes to the loo,

Now she’s in the V.I.P. the music quite softer,

More drama unfolding

Give her a Oscar,

It’s just her and her friend two have gone,

They called it a night

Cos the bed is where they belong,

Her friend finished her drink and they grabbed their coats,

Off home to their own after party

Getting X to keep them a float,

They don’t know what the night will bring,

It’s 4.24

And the birds will sing,

Now in a taxi to take their assess home,

Luckily She’s staying at hers

As her parents would moan,

Now it’s dawn She’s feeling asleep,

She wake up next day by the beep,

Good memories remove the bad,

A good night out

Happy with the sad,

Like when she saw someone nearly overdose,

while they laugh in the corner

Doing a toast,

She don’t like to think about that,

Them cowardly bitches

Their nothing but rats,

She now remembers blacking out,

Now she’s being used

For clout,

Who knows where this will lead,

Snakes come out

To do the deed,

I won’t say it’s been quiet now fingers on the lips,

Should she shut the fuck up

Or should she have fits,

Get it right don’t slip now,

Back in the day

When she wouldn’t bow,

Back when her days were grey,

And she used to shout

I meant it when I say,

Don’t shout at her I know what you’re doing,

Leading people astray,

Be carful what you’re chewing,

Don’t worry it’s nothing sorry to offend,

But she can’t sweat these frauds

Who like to pretend,

She already fall for the trick,

And you thought

She was too slick,

So you slowly try to lead her astray,

And she would get on her knees

And pray,

Knowledge is power and she’s got the key,

It’s secret for secret

But you would flash for envy,

You know she was doing nothing and sat in her mess,

But you wanted her revealed,

Like a scandalous dress,

Hold the phone let her do a pose,

Whip her phone out again,

Looking beautiful like a rose,

Now she’s trending celebrity news,

Eyes rolling and bulging,

From all that coke and booze,

She esc the page she couldn’t see no more,

No time to think

Gotta be out that door,

Popping two aspirins as she get’s in her car,

Ready to do it all again next weekend

At some fancy bar,

Cos their life doesn’t stop,

I couldn’t do it I think I would flop.

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