Here you will find information about released Ep’s I’ve done that will eventually get converted into full length albums once I get 12 tracks.

You know when you get to that point where there is no turning back yeah tough one. Thankfully most things can be turned back but that does depend on actions and situation and other factors. I always had to make tough decisions and I finally got good at them after many trials I would call them. The other kind of turning back is reflection of past which I think we all should do to straighten out them bent lines in your life, I do this all the time which is how I remember a lot always take time to reflect it’s worth the time, pain and anxieties once past all that. Sometimes it’s not best to bury your head in the sand when you have a problem by doing what you do drugs, drink or anything else as this leads to blurred memories that build up into something far worse.
I love Chinese food makes me hungry thinking about it seriously. I can’t remember when I had my first Chinese but I do remember it was pretty young and I loved it and is still my favorite takeout meal to get. I haven’t had one for quite some time now and no not cos this COV-19 thing just ever since making music I’ve been spending my money there instead of going to the takeout maybe once every 2-4 weeks so it was more like a treat though I did have a stage and that was due to laziness yes. I know it’s probably not the best time to talk about the Chinese but I think all people shouldn’t be tarred with the same brush and not to charge at innocent people but that’s my opinion on the thing though I was mad at first when I heard it was over eating bats but that was not directed at chinese people cos I ain’t like that.
From a line from Regulate (Jammin Remix) by Warren G ft. Nate Dogg & Michael Mcdonald for those who remember for those who don’t I will leave a link in the Track Facts Section. I love the original but I did like the remix a lot better as it had the Michael Mcdonald bit in which okay I might not of heard the song or remember it but I had a soft spot for his voice and lyrics not sure why. The title is from the line “Can’t forget how you made it so clear” and is something I understood a lot about but I won’t get into that no biggie. I chose the song as it was a favorite of mine and still is and remember listening to it yes I have receipts but it was on 31st July 1994 which made me 9 it must of been on a Sunday around 6ish it’s like I’m still there. I actually connected with them lyrics and found my own healer in music and this is a classic example of this I have a lot to thank the music for and in a way but not so much now but to some degree I look up to the 90’s and 00’s rappers and R’n’B singers.
For heaven’s sake don’t leave me to wander off I have a habit of doing that mind lol. This goes on from my other track Walkabout but this time when I was with my dad not mum. I remember going to Blaize Castle a estate with a park house, folly and woods surrounding the woods. That’s where I would end up and it was twice the distance from my mum’s house about three miles maybe four not sure not good at judging road distance good job I don’t drive. But sometimes I would come back late as I kept forgetting about the long walk back was it worth it I would ask myself but my dad told me to leave half hour early so I did from then on but hardly went up there as it was too far and tiring even for me but guess that’s where I get my strong legs from all the walking I did 5-30 especially in my 20’s.
I know they say it takes all sorts but they always stick together well most of them do hence why I called it the EP and track The Good The Bad The Ugly Cop. Cos if they ain’t good or bad they can be damn right ugly which is bad. As I said I know there is good cops out there but it seems to be me the bad ones rule the roost and I don’t know how that can be. It’s not so much run the roost they think they can and bully people around when they are on the job. We all know how sly they can be and drive you into things that wouldn’t of happened if they didn’t for example man handle you or even stop you cos of your race and wearing a hood. The good bad and ugly cop reminds me of a story of a experience I had with a police officer when I was around 8 maybe 9 nope I was 9. It was in the mid 90s in a racist but still kind of alright environment kind of mostly and I mean racist wise. Anyway this one beat officer use to come around the neighbourhood he was so corrupt he used to subliminally racially abuse me whilst on duty, in fact I pretty sure I was younger cos I was at my dads for the weekend and was on my dad’s side of the Long Cross at least 4 mile long road and my dad lived at the top of the road and my mum lived at the bottom but it’s complicated as it wasn’t exactly top to tail kind of thing. I didn’t know what he was on about until someone must of told me what it meant he kept saying about would I like a banana suggesting I’m a monkey and other slurs like that one time he said I wasn’t a real wog true fact. It was only that day or a day I came home and The Good Bad & Ugly was on it was Sunday it must of been and anyway I started to taunt him from then on referencing the film and calling him ugly. I didn’t feel good about myself for quite some time after but I did learn how to wind up a bent cooper he didn’t know what I was on about for weeks until I let him in the little secret.
Some people are saying why now why wait until this time for all this to happen and say it’s happened too many times with the death of Sandra Bland, George Floyd and of course the racially motivated murder of Ahmaud Arbery. I think they are missing the point and need to go back and do some research on what is really going on. I’m not suggesting they are but it’s like they are saying it’s perfectly okay for them to kill people or man handle them all because of their race. I know they wouldn’t like it done to them and would be outrage but because black people and not just black people but all people are coming together they think they call throw insults to people they are just mad cos they have a point and they know it. I understand people shouldn’t be out but when stuff like this happens a message has to be sent out to stamp out the dirty thing. Some people may think they are better and higher up in the chain but your in rat race territory and I ain’t playing with that sorry. So of course something was going to happen just so happens everyone was home at the time and willing to take action. It has nothing to with lefty’s it has to do with a fight against corruption and racism and it’s something worth fighting for unless your above yourself la di da.
Who would of thought it Bristol having it’s own Saddam Hussein moment by knocking down Edward Colston Statue and throwing it in the river in a demonstration. I was shocked but couldn’t help but laugh as it was a horrible statue that lurked in the center of our town. For those who don’t know Edward Colston was a slave trader who sailed many African people to the USA and as you might know many died in the crossing and is something I think shouldn’t be celebrated. Anyway the statue is of a well known prolific trafficker as I said on my Facebook status and shouldn’t be looked on as history that made Bristol but something of it’s dark days but of course it’s history but is it something to be proud of and showing off I think not. Some people say it’s erasing history but I say Hitler never had any statues in Germany after his death so why have the that okay slightly different but they both enslaved and killed their victims by repressors so that’s where I’m drawing similarities in the two. I saw on the headlines on google they have now removed the statue of Robert Millingain outside London Museum another famous British slave trader who I haven’t heard of to be honest but I wasn’t really keeping up with slave traders names I always admire Harriet Tubman personally. I’m not surprise they are taking statues down and think they should of done it long time ago it’s a shame it had to be forced but it had to be done. It would be interesting to see if they put it back up or not I think not and I read Banksy has suggested to replace it with something new which we are all welcoming well except the slow.
I know they love it when you speak out and it can be threatening but funny enough it’s all in the law until you get a certain age that’s just from personally experience with them. I went on BBC News and spoke with my dad about the treatment I get from police I wished it was now as I had that story I told on the first track about that bent officer who was our beat officer and used to racially abuse me. I actually have a few stories not that I usually don’t tell people but with the treatment I’ve been getting I might just have to. I know it takes a lot to come out with your story we all have our own some worse than others but still we all have them and is something that shouldn’t be swept under the carpet and pretend like it doesn’t exist as that doesn’t make things better but worse for you but better for them as they can keep taunting you and treating you funny. Anger feelings made me hate the police and everytime I think what they do and done just winds me up that’s why like most people I like to wipe their smile off their face I love a good banter with them you make me look stupid I’ll make you look stupid it’s as simple as that. I always say don’t get mad when they stop you have your fun get their badge number and keep filing a complaint or don’t and just have good clean fun stuff that wouldn’t get you arrested but does their hand in or though be warned they will find any excuse to slap the cuffs on you.
My home for the first 7 years in Lawrence Weston Bristol and I had some good times here and bad ones but I won’t talk about that. My home (seen in the album cover) was the first block of many blocks of flats on a mile long road well actually the road was too long and took at least 45 minutes to walk to one side to the other maybe a hour, I can’t remember but I know it was quite a long road hence the name of the it Long Cross Road. I think that’s why my name is called Laurence which is my real name as I was born in Lawrence Weston plus my grandad and aunty have similar names so it all goes together. That building to the right of the cover is a baptise church and I went to every Sunday for Sunday school cos my gran who also lived in Lawrence Weston at the time and is religious but it does remind me of Sunday Roasts and Top 40 on the radio for sure.
I know I explained this before but I say it again when I was around 4-7 I used to get up in the middle of the night and watch tv and also slyly snack. There were a lot of music videos on and also the dreaded public information films but when it was over the test beeps come on and be on for the rest of the night it used to scare me especially with the clown which freaked me out but not at first. It was only the BBC channels that had the test card beeps and when it came on I used to quickly turn it over to ITV which played what was coming up that week and some other things I can’t remember probably those damn public information films . I always found the test card beeps eerie and scary there is something about them I don’t know but now not as much but I know it did scare me quite a lot when it came on though.
I used to be scared of this one man who lived on the same road but way up from me. He lived by the school and I used to call him pigeon man as he had a lot of pigeons circulating outside his balcony he lived on top floor. His flat was opposite our school and one day he came out and caught a pigeon when we was playing on a break guess he wanted to live up to the name but he did scare me and never wanted to be caught alone with him. There was something about outside his flat it looked dingy and scary it didn’t look like the rest of the blocks or flats and it was like the haunted house on the creepy hill so to speak.
I was kind of famous for my disappearing acts and come back later on that day with a story to tell. The furthest I went was to Blaize castle a estate and park but it was quite some way away at least half hour maybe a 45 minutes away but I wasn’t allowed too far away from my home like any normal child. One time I think I got lost and came back after dark in the woods not sure how but I was so scared and it was getting dark and I was rushing around looking for a way out I think I fell asleep in the woods and woke up but I made it home safely thank god.
One of my many nuclear disaster dreams I was getting around a year ago now and it always started with a explosion or it had it in some point of the dream. In this dream after the big bang and mushroom cloud the nearby statue caught on fire and was like a marble lava colour all lit up and people were gathering around and staring hoping not to get another explosion. That’s as much as I remember from that dream there was a bit more but I can’t remember now but I do remember wanting to escape the town we were in in fear of another nuclear attack.
Civic Center is a council run buildings in the town I live in, it appears in another dream I had that had a nuclear explosion. It also stars Putin and a dog. I think it was after the explosion yes after the explosion that we all gathered around in this stadium near the sea where Putin was on the podium ready to speak to us who knows why it was him as it wasn’t even in Russia but anyway. I think it was then there was yet another explosion and a mushroom cloud which injured my guess was it was Putin’s dog poor thing was whining and was injured so…………there is no way to put it lightly Putin drowned the dog. After that it changed on the road by the civic center where I lived and it was dead kind of like now with the COV-19 thing. I go into the Civic Center to look for people but it’s dead in there too. I do remember some man popping out of nowhere which scared me and caused me to get on, it was sort of like out a zombie movie without the zombies okay more like 28 Days Later.
Yet another dream of me in a nuclear disaster but this time after the explosion me and my gran and a friend escaped to the Highlands where it was meant to be safe as in air wise and everything. I can’t remember most of it I remember sitting in this dingy room I think it was a flat and there were no windows so when the explosion went off people automatically ran outside to see what was going on and there was mist at first but it quickly changed I think. I also remember being on the bus with my friend and my gran and also I remember my dog being on the bus with me as I never leave her behind but I do remember someone telling me I wasn’t allowed to bring her and I refused to go without her.
Can’t remember too much of this dream maybe it appeared in another dream but I just can’t remember now it goes to show that you should always write your dreams down. I remember there being a shockwave and this eerie feeling it was like in the woods just before it gets dark with a bit of mist to set the mood kind of vibe. I also remember being scared and just wanting to be safe as I knew I wasn’t safe after the shockwave. Luckily we were quite far away from the blast but we seen and were all dreading another one especially me who was quite anxious to move on out of there instead of being a sitting target like they were.
Ah this is actually based on the well loved game Pot Farm on Facebook and was a strand of weed you could grow but if I remember it didn’t have that good XP on it. I played Pot Farm for years and I had to start again multiple times but the furthest I got was 200 odd can’t remember now but it would of been more if I didn’t delete my Facebook. It was sad to see it go though I stopped playing quite sometime before the closure as I got bored and it was becoming more harder to level up if I remember rightly and don’t get me started on the quests which I did like at first but I do insist it’s a good game until you get bored of it.
Now this is a topic that you’re either for or against or unsure but the topic of spaceships and Area 51 do they exist and what’s really in Area 51. I know like most it’s all top secret and I think like most it’s all army stuff cos what else would you use the place for. There may be a point where investigations were taking place here but as for spaceships I think not and next they’ll be saying they caught Santa’s tripped out reindeers they probably want to steal that as well and to deliver gifts of other kinds (not very nice ones anyway.)
I’m a non believer of all things supernatural and I struggle to believe in the concept of gods but I still respect them and understand and also I do say I have Christian beliefs and the work of Jesus and the other Characters if you excuse the phrase. It’s an interesting one is there anyone else out there? If so why haven’t they called yet some say it’s a cover up and also what’s Area 51 is hiding but I don’t know I’m a hard sceptic. I would like there to be another unknown race to be out there I wonder if they are different than us or the same maybe two necks or two heads maybe?
Serious question do aliens just anal probe you or do they have other techniques I need to know. I’m pretty sure they use other ways to extract whatever they are extracting from the person or animal. I seen a few clips where they have suggested they were anally probed and as a skeptic I couldn’t help but laugh but if it is true which I really do doubt it my heart goes out to you but I really do think you need to lay off that good stuff whatever that is. Just for your information this track ain’t about anal probing but probing in general but I was asking a serious question please don’t confuse the two lol.
This goes out to all the cold callers that call me no I don’t want to upgrade my boiler need new windows or change services thank you very much lol. It hasn’t been so bad recently but there was a point where it was non stop and sometimes I unplugged the phone when I wasn’t using it, it got that bad. Now I don’t mind as long as it’s not a scammer they are the other sort that call you and say you computer needs a upgrade or is due it’s warranty I’m not a sucker thank you!
Ah how I hate a snooper I always tell them to shoo and this is putting it in a nice way just for the sake of who’s reading this. I don’t mind people trying to get some gossip in a way but when it is private and you don’t want to share it cos it’s personal it drives me mental it’s like it’s nothing to do with you so nose out my business. I do like a bit of gossip or tea I like to know what’s happening but I do respect people’s private life and keeping somethings unspoken.
This is made around a Facebook post I seen about people making you feel like you are mental when they are the mental ones that was the context of it but I can’t remember word for word. It sometimes makes me angry when people do this and can’t stand it I also hate when people think they are better or smarter or healthier or anything cos of their mental issues. I’ve suffered from mental issues for decades and was around when I was around seven so I always dealt with them. Anyway the point was I may be mental but I can still do most things though I do struggle with somethings due to my mental issues.
That eerie feeling when you think someone else is in the room with you but you’re not and all alone. Twice this has happened now when I’m either asleep or half asleep and I suddenly wake up and dashed up thinking there was someone beside me. The other time I was startled by my quilt which made a shape and I woke up like WTF lol it can be easily done you know. Also I do get that thing from time to time where I see things at the corner of my eye and it’s usually nothing or my headphones sticking out.
Giving a special clap to the all the key workers who work in this time yes thank you in deed. I know a lot of people are saying people especially nurses in the NHS are getting sick due to shortage of masks and hand sanitizers and I hope it gets better for them soon if not already is the diplomatic answer I’ll be giving but yeah it is all bad on the front line in some parts not sure in many or all though.
Yes it really is safe in houses at the moment but still you got to do what you got to do so to speak. We have been in lock down since what March just when can we go out again you can’t ground us forever you know, only joking. I don’t mind being in lock down as you might know I like to stay indoors but I do enjoy going out though but not as much as I used to guess that’s old age and mental issues for you but hey ho.
So what’s the deal is it really bats or something else they are not telling us but for the moment I go with the story and run with that. I know it’s a controversial topic and the whole thing actually has a story it’s two people on a island and all they could find is bats and have no choice to eat them. They eventually get rescued and spread COV-19 all over the world leaving no one alive. Yes based on a true story bar the island bit more like a country and yes despite some of the population eating bats I still say it’s not the majority so there is no need to go all hands on and harassing innocent people who never even touched a bat in their life.
As I said before I’ve had my fun in lockdown and got some inspiration from it I think a lot of creative people will and have been taking the time to do some COVID-19/lockdown stuff like I have. Sometimes it’s hard to get the creative flow to come out but this was a perfect time for that I think and we must always remember the time everyone was on Cell Block H moaning and wishing for ecstasy LOL! (Lil’Kim How Many Licks.)