Halloween Fest 2020; Recess Hauntings

Hello, it’s the first of the month, October to be exact so that means it’s the start of Halloween Fest something I will be doing all over October and twice every …

Monthly Update; September 2020

Hi everyone, I hope we are all good and coping with the pandemic and it’s not too stressful. Wow this year has gone quick despite it feeling slow at the start …

Here you will find information about released Ep’s and albums I’ve done and released.

Rebitten By The Lizard is 12 track Electronic album I made around two years ago and decided to redo it as it didn’t sound right so I redone it all. I’m thankful to still have the files necessary to make the album again as I dropped my hardrive on the laminate floor and malfunctioned thankfully and all thanks to Seagate they restored most of the data and sent it back to me and for free too, yes Seagate thanks for saving my life I wanted to kiss them um no literally though lol, The album is based around a one week trip to Lizard, Cornwall and was the best week I had in a long time it was nice weather and great fun we did a lot of beach and cove surfing and went on a couple of day trips to local tourists spots it was really nice. My dog Patch loved it going out all the time and spending time on the beach in and out the shallow bit of the sea she did love the beach and I got in too but didn’t fully go in all the way but got my toes wet so to speak. We found a couple of cool stuff like a old Victorian factory ruin by the sea called The Serpentine which is also a rock found in the parts of Cornwall we was staying at and was popular with Queen Victoria who made it fashionable before she passed away and it became obsolete, we also came across a sea goddess statue by the sea front which we posed and took pictures around and also came across a sheep on the lead called Max and it’s all in the album plus a visit to a old lighthouse and dangerous cliff top walks where I got a bit nervous near the edge lol. The album is all made and mastered by me and I’m am brand new to mastering so please excuse me if it was underdone but I think it’s not bad for my first official go I say official as I had many attempts before this and they were either too loud or too quiet I had to get it just right or at least try anyway. I have my plans on making two tapes of the album just for personal use as I always wanted my own music on a tape so I’m buying all the things needed to do this minus some things but I want it to look like a professional tape and sound like one too so a lot of work went into this redoing it, it took a lot of patience.


Synthology Mixtape I

Synthology Mixtape is a special mixtape I put together from some of my favourite and best tracks off my latest EPS over the last year I’ve been fully making EPs. I made it especially to showcase some of my better tracks and it was something to do and anyway I never made a mixtape or a compilation album so as always I thought I’ll give it a go. As it’s a mixtape I decided to give it away for free for a while and I’m not sure how long I will leave it free as I do want to make some small amount of money off it hopefully. Being it’s a mixtape I decided to add some skits or interludes to it after I wasn’t sure how to make the it, how many tracks there should be, how long are they and so fourth but I do remember as a child taping stuff on tapes and playing them on Walkman’s and stereos and I’ve made mixtapes for other people as well but not one to put online, a playlist on Youtube if that counts. It is a mixture of upbeat and dark songs from fast to slow with as I said some interludes which all have me on. The clips I got from my camera footage which I’ve been recording whilst out and about with Patch my dog and my mate who also loves going for walks which is a always a good thing. The clips I used are from various places including holiday footage and general walks we have been on and also I took one of my poems I recorded and took the sound from that and put it in the last track of the mixtape called Looking Mental (Outo) to run a side Mental Health Day on the 10th October and also there are a few Halloween tracks in there too to run alongside Halloween which is at the end of this month. I plan on making the mixtape thing a thing and do it when I have enough tracks to do the next chapter, I also have a few things planned for the mixtape so stay tuned if you like you’re Vaporwave, Synthwave, Progressive Rock, Hauntology and other electronic based synthy stuff. I also thought it would be a great way to give away some music as I know it’s quite dry out here so I thought I do a tester so people get the jest what music I make. oh also look out for a Youtbe video of a visual of the mixtape when I make it that is.


Haunted Playground EP

Haunted Playground EP is a five track Vaporwave/Hauntology EP I made for this year’s Halloween project. It is based around a sketchy park in the outskirts of Bristol with old equipment that was actually from a local fair which boasts to be the oldest theme park in the U.K. I’ve been there a few times and it still looks quite sketchy today, I think it’s the way the rocker things look like it’s something out of a horror movie talk about Children Of The Corn. I won’t go into full detail here as I do a write up on it closer to Halloween but I did bring my voice recorder to get some sounds which I put in the EP though there wasn’t much that I could do there to be honest. I also filmed a few things on my phone for later use and so far made a gif out of it which I’ll put on one of post closer to Halloween. It was kind of weird but nice going back there and I haven’t been there for quite some time last time I remembered was with my dog about a decade ago so it was quite some time ago. The reason why it was kind of weird as I didn’t have my dog Patch with me she died in 2019 last year in fact so I haven’t been on a good walk let alone a place where I used to bring her since she died but it was actually good to get out for once and not be stuck in doors which is where I usually am most days. I’m not sure if the playground is haunted but I do hope so with the old equipment it looks like a movie set and I know I was feeling a bit on edge when the rocker thing was rocking it was a blue elephant but it was the face it made it look sinister something like out of the kids show or horror movie where I know it from called Banana Splits and the character Snorky but real evil and out to do harm.

Don’t Do It

Don’t Do It is a five track Jungle/Drum & Bass EP all from public information videos. The EP is a upbeat one with loads of samples of, as I said before of public information clips from electricity to lead. I have done a album before around the subject but it’s no longer on the internet so I decided to remake and improve them with a different genre to freshen things up. I heard they stopped making PIFS and no longer make them which I think is a great shame I learnt a lot as a child watching them and still follow those things they tell you not to do like smoke in bed or leave a electric fire by your curtains so I think it’s like early education for kids who wake up in the night and watch the PIFS they put on. They were always quite shocking and scary, no terrifying and I was around 3-7 at that time and dreaded the PIFS coming on and would hide behind a pillow when they come on especially the fire one it was hands in ears time for me even now I think it’s demonic but that is fire for you. I blame the PIFS for some of my hazard anxieties but it has made me a safer person so I have a lot to thank them for to be honest. I haven’t had a accident in my current home yet and I’m 35 actually the toaster nearly electrocuted me that one time and that gas leak yes didn’t see any thing about faulty appliances or about gas leaks lol.


Mad Conversations

Mad Conversations is a 12 track UK Funky album I made cos I just wanted to try something a little different and new so I choose that. Not sure what happened to UK Funky though I don’t listen to a lot of radio now a days but I would like to know what they are playing on the radio now just out of curiosity. I remember hearing UK Funky for the first time and thought what is this and people would go crazy for it at the carnival cos at that time I was just under age like a year or two out so I got my early rave days at the local St Pauls Carnival or Ashton Court festival which was a couple of months before the famous Ashton Court Air Balloon festival where air balloons would come around the world to fly their balloons. The thing is with me if I hear a good song and they come with simple instructions like “get down low” and “do the migraine skank” you best believe I will get down after plenty drinks and a quiet spot until I get obnoxiously loud and get all come dance with one two stepping over the floor. That is what I like about U.K Funky it is both for chilling and dancing and it’s like the Black Saturday Night or Hey Macarana with some songs but though there are plenty of female vocals and female and male MCs and depending on my mood I like both of them and also depending on where I am. I got my UK Funky from a radio broadcaster 1 Xtra which is a urban station that brings local and overseas acts on their station and they always had the funky songs and artists on. I was actually listening to a Funky House mix by Crazy Cousins which I actually put my back out to whilst dancing to the mix like a loon, yes I know not to go full throttle with the hip movement what I was having fun don’t judge lol. It was that, that made me want to make some funky house and searched the internet for samples to use come to find out there ain’t that much demand for it but I manged to get a album from it.


Sunny Rays EP

Sunny Rays is a 4 track Chillout EP that was made a couple days after the heatwave where it got 30 degrees which is pretty hot for the U.K. It got so hot I had to buy a fan and couldn’t even make any tracks in the three day period cos it was too hot to do anything and those earphones get way to hot when you got them wrapped around your head. I hear there is a lot of freak weather going on and we had some ourselves if you call lightning with barely no thunder and no rain till later which I hear is dangerous for the earth, I think I got that from the national graphical channel I’m pretty sure of it. I heard a conspiracy that it was a countries weather gadgets doing all the freak weather and accidents or is it global warming which some people still like to think it doesn’t exist which I am always shocked of what people would believe off the internet and others, like powerful people or people with a audience I.E those talks you can go to and people buy I don’t know. Say what you want it’s always good to get some nice weather and people complain but yeah it was too hot but I like hot weather and as long as it’s not in direct light like blocking my laptop screen or my eyes that gets annoying but I always got my curtains closed when the sun is out. What I love to do in the summer is go for walks with my dog and my friend we would walk for miles and end up somewhere far out and be like why did we walk this far and in the heat, though most times we set out late for the sake of my dog who probably pass out in the heat. I haven’t been out for a walk for years now I haven’t got my dog but I still want to go out especially in the summertime.


Love Of Music EP

Love Of Music is a 5 track EP all about aspects of music or something associated with music. I have a deep love for music and have always been quite obsessed with it my early memory is watching Michael Jackson, Madonna and Queen also watching a lot of music videos so all things electronic and dance also power ballads and hip hop all sorts. I don’t discriminate when it comes to music and love to listen to lots of different stuff even Baroque music which my favourite is of course J Sebastian Bach but I also like club songs and underground hip hop, love underground hip hop especially 90s stuff but I also like that Jazz Hip Hop also and of course Trap which is something I don’t make elements perhaps but I do like the genre and am starting to listen to that more in the last 3 years where before I only listened to 90s and 00’s mainly but I must admit I only know the most publicised ones Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, Tekashi 69, Offset of course Niki Minaj oh yeah The City Girls. 😋 Music has changed a lot particularly in Hip Hop and Electronic genres like Drum & Bass, and House I’ve noticed since Dubstep came on the scene I heard a lot more cross over more just noises in the background and that’s not trying to be disrespectful but it’s more Flat Beat but industrial levels if you know what I mean and house has gone more Tropical rather to the old fashion earlier stuff which I love and always will and again it’s not that I don’t like it it’s just not like what I’m used to and may actually like it if I go back and listen to it but it’s not my genre of choice. I’m really obsessed with old synths and love that retro age when I was young around 7 I always wanted to own a synth so I could make music my gran plays piano and she taught me some things and I remember when I was around 9 I used to play around with the keyboard my gran got me and I swore I wanted to be not famous and I still don’t but to make good music and hopefully I’ve done that but you can be the judge of that.



Other Way EP

Other way is a five track Vaporwave EP I made that ain’t about nothing so no theme just track titles but they are made with a new synth plugin I got so I was just testing it out to see what it was like. The EP is both upbeat and dark but this time mostly upbeat with one darkish song in there but this plugin is a little lighter then the others. There ain’t much to say really about the EP it was made in two days as I finished off a previous EP Random Experimental Voices EP Vol. 1 so I came back to this one straight after it was meant to be Synthwave but ended up more Vaporwave but there is one Synthwave track in there but you can be the judge of that. I tried some different drums this time some famous drum kits from songs like Blue Monday, Tainted Love, Sexual Healing, and Lucky Star some good old skool drum kits that I’m actually glad I got cos they definitely came in handy and also cheap it was a bargain too.



Random Experimental Voices EP Vol. 1

Random Experimental Voices is a 5 track experimental EP I made which is all from me and my friend’s voices apart from the drums, percussion and bass. I used filters, delay and reverb on the sounds which were just random voices we recorded on my phone then I processed them. It is a follow on to my last EP Sounds Around The Home which was all found sounds I processed using the same stuff just this time it’s with voices. I’m quite happy with the outcome of the sounds and didn’t expect them to come out the way they did and took some fiddling to get a desired sound which wasn’t something I was like I want this kind of sound I kind of just went with the flow and saw what I could make out of them. I actually had a lot of fun making it so much so I decided to make a series out of it and do some more in the future but try and make it different. I’ve never done experimental before I mean I had a go after being inspired by some videos on You Tube a couple of years back but I felt it wasn’t up to scratch and anyway I didn’t have the right tools for the job so I couldn’t of made it like the way it should of been but I’m happier with this one. Even though I wanted to turn all the voices into synthy sounds I did keep some voice in there for a little difference and I actually like the way they came out so I decided to keep them as they were. It takes quite a lot of time to do like I said there is a lot of fiddling but I think it was worth the effort to do cos as I said I’m quite happy the way they turned out, each title is a experimental thing so there is science, music, cooking, architecture and art.



Last Remembered

Last Remembered is a 10 track Reggaetón album I made and not something I usually do but I felt like a change and something new so I went with that. I was aiming to release it at the start of summer at first but I forgot about it so I decided to release it now instead but it was going to be for Reggaetón day whenever that is. I took the time to make the drum patterns myself and actually had fun making them and I used some loops in there too to actually get that vibe I was looking for. It’s good to hear it again after so long of course that song Desperita track how ever that is spelt but yeah it was actually good to hear it again after nearly two decades which makes me feel old of course. I went for a party vibe with some slower tracks in there and I actually learnt something new one of the beats which is one of four drum patterns that you can make but that comes from the track Murder She Wrote by Chaka Demus & Pliers it’s a famous 90s reggae/dancehall track for those who don’t know but yeah I may be a bit slow on that but I must admit I don’t know too much about the genre but I listened and loved the music when it came out that decade and my hips ain’t lying.



Sounds Around The Home EP

Sounds Around The Home is a five track Found Sounds EP I made with some found sounds I found in and around my house. It’s mainly different filters on sounds like a electric fan, sugar pot, house phone and microwave beeps, scissors and other house items I recorded on my phone and put in my DAW. The EP doesn’t have a set genre and has a different genre for each track which is a Vaporwave, Chillout, Reggae, Drum & Bass and Reggaetón so it is a mixed bag there. I didn’t go all out and make everything from scratch there is a few synths, pads, strings and also a kalimba instrument too. I did however make all the basses though I did forget to put a main ingredient on but I realised now it doesn’t need it that much only one track I thought. It was fun to mess around with the filters and I haven’t actually used them properly before so I thought this would be a great opportunity to make use of them since I did buy them. I do enjoy turning random recordings into stuff to be used in production so much so I’m already thinking of doing another EP or a full album and I’m even thinking of taking a day trip out to collect some sounds to use not sure when that will be but it won’t be soon anyway. Though it took a little longer to do each track I felt it was worth the trouble and I am quite happy with the results especially the last track “Bet Away” which is my dub reggae track I made and is one of my favourites I made so far that is.



Sunny Rays EP

Sunny Rays is a 4 track Chillout EP inspired by the recent heatwave where we had 30 degrees weather which is pretty hot for the U.K. It’s kind of nice to get this weather but when you are living in direct sunlight for most of the day it can be a problem but hell naw am I complaining lol. It got so hot I had to give in and buy a fan for the house cos it’s too hot in here and now and all of a sudden I can’t live without one. The EP is a chilled one all at slow BPMs and has that summer feel to it. Some tracks are summer late night and then there are tracks that are afternoon summer vibes so I got a mix in there. There was a lightning show in the sky bit worrying lightning with barely no thunder or rain but it did have some eventually, I put this in one of the tracks. I actually had to take a break from making songs in this heat as with the headphones it was way too hot and only started after the rain cooled it down for a bit, it was getting ridiculous. Most of the synths bar the basses were from one synth called Omisphere which I actually bought not so long ago and was just going through the sounds and finding different summery sounds which was actually quite a lot of sounds I was surprised so something that is worth the money if you have it that is as it’s quite expensive for a synth I think but good synths are that kind of price and anyway you got to shop around to get the best deal. The weather has been much cooler in the last week or two and also some weird weather all around the world and they say global warming doesn’t exist ha, seriously though what is going on I heard a conspiracy about it which I won’t say but it seems weird whatever is going on with all the bush fires, typhoons and flash floods it’s all too much.



Face The Mirror EP

Face The Mirror is a 5 track Vaporwave/Electronic EP I put together with old and some newish plugins, the EP is mostly chilled but has some upbeat tracks in there too. It’s not really based on anything just random titles but I must admit I was quite proud of how it came out I think all 5 tracks are good and I think are some of my best work yet and I took time on arranging it and adding different sounds and effects in there cos as someone pointed out to me it was a bit samey, that was my old work but each day I’m trying to improve on making tracks. I also started using automation on the tracks too to add some spice just some simple fade outs and other effects I am learning a lot. I was trying to go down a more lighter path as I feel most of my my tracks are dark but I did slide in a dark track in there which is called Face The Mirror which is the same title as the title for the EP and is one of my favourites from the EP. The EP ain’t based around anything but the title is referencing facing your demons in life and challenging them something we all should do in life no matter how painful it is but of course not everyone can do that. The EP is both upbeat and mellow with plenty of melodies thrown in there with all different BPM’s to make each track feel different to the last.



Sour Eyes

Sour Eyes is a 12 track Hip Hop/R’n’B instrumental album I made which is both dark and upbeat. I got inspired after I was writing some songs as in lyrics as I enjoy writing and got inspired after hearing some tracks off Youtube and Soundcloud. I manged to get the tracks down to standard times not my normal 7-9 minute long tracks that some of you may be used to. The title of the album Sour Eyes comes from the track Bitter Eyes and is what I would call a person who can’t hide their feelings and is written all over their face of sour feelings towards you. Hate aside this album is just random titles I thought of so no themed thing here just good tracks……hopefully. I’m quite a fan of new hip hop apposed to the old skool 80’s, 90’s which I think was the best two eras though I do hear quite a lot of good tracks which is current though I don’t surf for new tracks no more I make them so I spend most time making them rather than listening but I do still listen to a lot more music just not as much and they are usually people I know or heard of. I am a big fan of underground hip hop and tried to make it more underground cos that’s what I used to listen to when I was at secondary school underground, mainstream Hip Hop, and R’n’B of course the electronic genres too but that came just a bit later but I tried to copy some of that but still keeping it upbeat with some trap elements and full tracks in there too.



Nature’s Elements

Nature’s Elements is a 8 track Vaporwave/Hauntology mini album I made around the 8 elements of nature, nature, fire, ice, air, darkness, light, earth and water. I made it in less than 24 hours and stayed up all night working on the album. I tried to make it all different by going with different BPMs and tried to go for a set theme but it got hard at some points. This is my first mini album and usually make albums or EPs but I thought I’d do something a little different to what I usually do and anyway 8 was the number though I did see it went up to 12 elements but I chose 8 instead. Each track has a intro of that element to represent the track and also I tried to make it like for example icy for the ice track, dark for darkness so on and so on which I hope I did…hopefully. The mini album is kind of a mix bag fast and slower tracks with dark and lighter tracks depending on the element of course like Charcoal Resources represents the element fire and is quite dark and angry like a fire would be I guess or that’s in my head. My favourite elements out of the eight is darkness, light and fire as I can concur with two of them darkness and light and like most people seen both, I like fire cos I love the heat and the flames they make when alight but of course bush fires are terrible them poor people and even worse the poor old animals. The mini album was first going to be about different weather then it was going to be about different star signs but I ended up choosing this as I thought it was the most doable one and was more easier to find the right sounds for the album, I might do all the above sometime but I’m not sure as in my head I can’t find the best way possible.



No Turning Back EP

No Turning Back is a 4 track Vaporwave EP I made and covers more edgier sounds and is quite dark too. There is a story behind this EP which I am kind of embarrassed to say and to protect the people involved it’s not so embarrassed but more personal but if you read between the lines you might get it. It’s basically about two parts of my life when I was young and dumb and made bad choices but I can assure you most kids would of done this if they didn’t have the choice but it was nothing bad or criminal. The title No Turning Back is literately the point of no return and is the point where it is make or break time or all out for yourself but saying that there is a return point on most things just as long as you don’t overdo it like murder for example that is inexcusable but most things you can turn back and change your life you just want to have to do it. The title is more of a statement then a fear and is something I used to say and think when I was younger like the first time you jump off the high diving boards you think can’t turn back now and push through the fear of something bad happening. Now I think about it and not to brag but I’ve had a few no turning back moments in my life which has made me much stronger in the long run and more happier in some ways but not in some but I guess with every curse there is a blessing so you win some you lose some.



Paws For Thought

Paws For Thought is a 12 track Synthwave album I made around my dog Patch who I put down last year on the 19th June 2019 and is her 1st year not here. I wanted to do a upbeat album so this is a light one with some tracks starring me and my mate on which I got from old home video recordings. My dog Patch was such a sweet dog she was gentle so good with kids and other animals just as long as the animals can play nicely and also she was well trained and never barked and when I say never barked I mean never only once which scared me half to death as it’s not something I was used to guess I was blessed in that way. There are two versions of the album a free version, a paid version with three more tracks and also a merch pack with a keyring, A5 poster and the album you can find it all on Bandcamp. I decided any money I get I will donate to a charity called the PDSA a non government charity that helps people with their sick and injured pets so all donations are welcome, thanks if you do make a purchase. You know I thought I would get another dog a couple of times but one I wouldn’t like the barking and non house trained but also it would never be the same I would never find a dog like her and she was a one in a million and I will always miss her but I know she’s in a better place and could not live anymore due to the wear and tear of old age in dogs which is her back legs were going and she couldn’t walk properly or go up stairs without aid. She did have a good life and lived for 16 years so one more year than expected and she has been on two holidays only in the U.K but she’s been on the beach and plenty of woody and countryside walks which I really miss and really enjoyed going out in fact it was the only time I went out well I sometimes go out but it was mostly with my dog all around the U.K as I took her everywhere.


Paid Version (With Bonus Tracks)


Free Version




The Good, Bad & Ugly Cop Ep

The Good, Bad & Ugly Cop is a four track House EP I made about the recent events with George Floyd and not to mention the other innocent lives wasted due to over charged police officers. That incident has definitely bought impact on the world and so many debates and actions being taken even here in Bristol U.K where as if you didn’t know by now the Edward Colston (a famous slave owner) statue was pulled down and dragged into the waterfront which was a good day for the fight against racism in my eyes. Some say there was no need but that statue has history and many debates and probably arguments over it you know it shouldn’t be there it should there debate. I don’t know what the latest of that is last thing I heard is they are preserving the graffiti and it is to be put in a museum so I will be visiting it once it has been put there that is to say if it even be put in Bristol but I think it will and should. I ain’t going lie I’m kind of disgusted by some people’s reactions to the whole thing and don’t like how they dumb it down or turn it around making silly points like a white man was killed by officers where was the out cry then and things like that. Don’t get me wrong I see some of the points made but I also see a lot of ignorant people who have no idea what it is like and nor do I but I’ve been racially profiled more times than I can count so I know how that feels but I would be angry if my family member was killed by a incompetent officer cos of the race I feel angry now cos I feel people shouldn’t be judged or persecuted for their race or even gender or sexual preference for that matter. I am a believer of all lives matter but I know it’s important to get behind the people who’s voices aren’t being heard and to rally for them cos not everyone will and we must stick together no matter what race and fight against racism in all forms.


Long Cross EP

Long Cross is a four track EP I made around the part of Bristol I was born and lived for my first seven years of my life called Lawrence Weston. The Long Cross is a 2 mile long road which leads to the famous Blaize Castle estate but the long road especially the top and bottom of the road is flats and I lived at the bottom part where the road stretched for around half a mile and is mostly flats on one side and houses on the other and a school which I used to go to when I was around 5. It was quite a rough neighbourhood and a little racist but not everyone but I had a few racial run ins there. I wanted to make a EP or album about parts of my life and I thought I’ll do a EP about my old road I lived on and kind of put some stories in the beats so it’s not just a song playing yes I like to do more lol. Test Card Clown is about the test card clown that came on every night after 2am on the BBC’s channels which really used to scare me it was the beeping sounds that made it sound so scary and plus I was still very young so I was easily scared but to be honest even now it’s kind of unnerving to hear but I’m brave now lol. The other track was called Pigeon man and is about a man who says he catches pigeons and eats them that’s what he used to tell us and once when we were playing in the school yard cos his flat was right opposite the school but anyway one day he came out to the balcony and caught a pigeon with his bare hands and went indoors with it I never found out what happened to that poor bird hopefully nothing.



Clearing The Mind EP

Clearing The Mind is a five track Vaporwave Ep all around the magic fungus magic mushrooms. It is mainly a mellow EP but of course there is some upbeat tracks in there too. I decided to make a EP around the “drug” after my own experience with it and what I recall of it and some what I heard about it like Dissociation District and Stuck In A Loop is about the negative side of taking them or at least taking too much at one go. It is a interesting one is magic mushrooms really a drug well the quick answer is yeah but it’s a good one like cannabis when taken in the right dose and the right amount it’s goldilocks it’s just right. Though my experience hasn’t been that many times once to be exact I would say it was a good experience and something I might do again but I do worry about my mental health as that is something that isn’t too great. I think it’s mostly propaganda and precautions to make sure people who suffer from mental health don’t get worse but like I said I do believe that in the right doses it can do wonders and totally sort your head out or at least give it a once over for sure. I say after taking it my mental health went down a bit bit nothing too major just a slight dip but I wouldn’t say it really messed me up. In fact I say it made it a bit better I get random memories come back which I long forgot about and it also helped me creative wise coming up with new ideas for projects I’m working on. I’ve been interested in the fungus for quite some time now and it started at school like I probably shouldn’t touch that to present I want some more so quite a contrast I even went on a walk looking for some and came across a massive group they looked like liberty caps but I wasn’t sure so I didn’t pick them (never pick stuff you are unsure of.) I don’t think they are for everybody and of course you do need the right setting and stuff for the occasion and should never be rushed or taken in the wrong setting. If I was going to do it again I would try to do them outdoors next time as I heard it’s much better but then again some people say it’s best to trip indoors but I’ll give it a test and work out for myself.



Nuclear Dreams

Nuclear Dreams is a four track Vaporwave Ep about some sketchy nuclear dreams I was getting where they all had a explosion of some sort in and everyone running for cover. I’ve had around 5 maybe more now and I remembered four of them which I put in the EP. I’m not sure what the dreams are really about anxiety’s maybe or just too much nuclear documentary’s and conspiracys channels which might of took a toll on my mind but who knows. I’ve always had a fear of the next big disaster which will wipe us out from a early age guess it’s all those false claims and scaremongering by the news etc and seeing everyone else scared or at least worried. I must admit I do like getting them and I find them quite exciting waking up and knowing it was just a dream is the best feeling ever and the action and realness of it makes it seem like you are in a movie gotta love mad dreams. Schorched Statue started how they all started exactually with a explosion or it had it in some point of the dream. In this dream after the big bang and mushroom cloud the nearby statue caught on fire and was like a marble lava colour all lit up and people were gathering around and staring hoping not to get another explosion. That’s as much as I remember from that dream there was a bit more but I can’t remember now but I do remember wanting to escape the town we were in in fear of another nuclear attack. Civic Centre is a council run buildings in the local town I live in, it appears in another dream I had that had a nuclear explosion. It also stars Putin and a dog. I think it was after the explosion yes after the explosion that we all gathered around in this stadium near the sea where Putin was on the podium ready to speak to us who knows why it was him as it wasn’t even in Russia but anyway. I think it was then there was yet another explosion and a mushroom cloud which injured my guess was it was Putin’s dog poor thing was whining and was injured so…………there is no way to put it lightly Putin drowned the dog. After that it changed on the road by the civic centre where I lived and it was dead kind of like now with the COV-19 thing. I go into the Civic Centre to look for people but it’s dead in there too. I do remember some man popping out of nowhere which scared me and caused me to get on, it was sort of like out a zombie movie without the zombies okay more like 28 Days Later, but that one I woke up shook. Highland Haven was set in Scotland in some parts and this time after the explosion me and my gran and a friend escaped to the Highlands where it was meant to be safe as in air wise and everything. I can’t remember most of it I remember sitting in this dingy room I think it was a flat and there were no windows so when the explosion went off people automatically ran outside to see what was going on and there was mist at first but it quickly changed I think. I also remember being on the bus with my friend and my gran and also I remember my dog being on the bus with me as I never leave her behind but I do remember someone telling me I wasn’t allowed to bring her and I refused to go without her. Shockwave is the last dream and I can’t remember too much of this dream maybe it appeared in another dream but I just can’t remember now it goes to show that you should always write your dreams down. I remember there being a shockwave and this eerie feeling it was like in the woods just before it gets dark with a bit of mist to set the mood kind of vibe. I also remember being scared and just wanting to be safe as I knew I wasn’t safe after the shockwave. Luckily we were quite far away from the blast but we seen and were all dreading another one especially me who was quite anxious to move on out of there instead of being a sitting target like they were.



Neon Live

Neon Live is a 12 track Synthwave album with a bit of Electro Funk in there too. It started out as a Electro Funk album but I found it hard to find sounds that fit the bill so I turned it into a synthwave album instead which was a more easier job to do rather then go through 100s of presets and still find it just wasn’t what I was looking for but I do hope to try again some time soon. The album is kind of reminiscent of 80’s House music, Electro Funk and late 70s to early 80s hip hop with drum kits like the 808 and 606 both drum kits used in those genres when it was first trending. Even though I did try to make it old skool with the drums and synths it still has a few modern like Synthwave tracks in there too but I tried to keep it mostly old skool flavas. It is called Neon Live as neon cos it’s 80s baby and live comes from live wires and also live performance the clean sort obviously lol. I must admit I do love 80s Electro Funk and is something I can dance to not sure when I first heard it and it wasn’t that many times but it was something I enjoyed when listening to it. It’s something I feel they don’t make no more and not something I hear a lot of in mainstream music but I suppose that’s what youtube is for to dig out them heard and unheard gems from yesteryear. What I most like about is the drum patterns and the synths and bass but I love the way the drums go that vibe is hard to find or copy and when I did it it came out more Synthwave than Electro Funk but I’m happy with it. When I find the right tools I will try again to make a Electro Funk album or EP and see how that turns out but that takes money and research so it’s in the mist somewhere when I get the right stuff to do a proper job. Most of the album is quite chill and slow but of course I did add some faster tracks in there for difference but I wanted a chilled album so I went for that.



Mad Conversations

Mad Conversations is a 12 track UK Funky House album that is a little different to what I usually do but technically it’s still on the grounds of house but more UK Garage. I decided to do a UK Funky House album for a couple of reasons. One cos it’s one of the genres I always wanted to make and secondly I got inspired after hearing some on the radio and a Crazy Cousin’s mix on Youtube which I actually put my back out to whilst dancing to it now I am telling my age lol. I haven’t heard any UK Funky House tracks for ages and this is just a trip down memory lane and I hope you like it. Mad Conversations as I’ve had a fair share of them and actually vibe off them interesting and the silly. I like to get into deep conversations and also I’m a nutter so I have mad conversations with myself so that is that too. Not much call for UK Funky House no more or though I don’t listen to radio so I don’t know what they play but my guess is not Funky not anything new anyway. I remember when it first came out and I was like what is this it was something new to get drunk and dance on the dancefloor to everyone always gets involved when a UK Funky track comes on time check. It was actually quite fun and comes with it’s own dance moves like the migraine skank, head shoulders knees and toes with getting down low and ladies do all the above and whine their waist they are the most memorable ones but there are more moves but I’m not a dance expert. I like UK Funky as it has a good vibe and stuff you can join in my god it’s like the black agadoo but way more fun and cooler but I like it cos it encourages people to dance and have a good time which is always good when you are in a party or club and I know some people don’t like to dance well it can turn most non dancers into full on dancing machines okay not quite but it lets you get loose and express yourself like your name was Madonna.



Social Distance

A special album I made due to recent events something I whipped up in under a week gotta get it while it’s hot lol? If you didn’t guess by the title of the album it is all about the CoronaVirus that is turning out to be a headache. I thought this would be a perfect time for a virus album and of course, there are some dark tracks but also some upbeat tracks too as I didn’t want it all doom and gloom. I went out a few times and it was quite eerie, hardly anybody on the streets, shelves bare, waiting outside shops to be allowed in, protection screens, all in the album. I got a few inspirations from being outside one of them was from Lidil which was the announcer which I think was some sort of mallet of some kind but it was mostly titles for songs, I was actually using my hour a day to go out and get inspiration not everyday sometimes I went to the local shop and found inspiration there I actually got three titles from there. As I said it was pretty weird going out in the daylight with hardly no cars around or seeing people in usually busy places I should of got some pictures but I didn’t take my camera with me. I’m not used to things closing early as I’ve been out and the shops shut earlier than usual no problem but it’s kind of annoying when you want to get things done. I haven’t been following the whole thing in the media I know or they say it’s not as serious as made out despite the death toll but it ain’t no Black Death so we all can breath a sigh of relief. Don’t get me wrong I’m still taking it serious but at the same time also with a pinch of salt it’s not the best idea to get worked up over something that is out of your control something I’ve learnt. I noticed though I wanted to go out more during the lockdown then before the lockdown there ain’t much places to go but I wanted to go on a little walk and couldn’t because we were restricted but now it’s been lifted I got lazy all of a sudden but when I’m off I’m off. I haven’t really noticed much change in my life with this COVID-19 going around I’ve been staying in making music which I tend to do always so I’m kind of used to being at home I hope everyone is staying safe and at home except for the unfortunate ones who have to work my heart goes out to you and good luck out there to you all.