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[Sticky] What's Your Views On Institutional Racism?  


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16/11/2019 5:01 pm  

As you might know, I appeared on the BBC News several months ago about the anniversary of the death of Stephen Lawrence and institutional racism. For those who don't know Stephen Lawrence was a young black man murdered by a bunch of racist thugs in the 90s and things were meant to change for the good but I won't go on about that as I have already had my two cents in that in a blog post. So I'm interested to know what's your experiences with police? Are you black or mixed-race or other another race and have to deal with stop and search and put up with blatant racism or just pure ignorance from the police? Even if your not and you're caucasian do you have to put up with the police? Where you from and how old are you too? I'm interested to know other people's experiences with the police and kind of expose the dirt for being too dirty.       

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17/11/2019 3:27 pm  

It's probably a bit better than it used to be, but its obviously not gone yet, and people need to keep putting pressure on those concerned till it finally stops. Only once have I been stopped and searched, and I didn't like it as it was obvious that they had no real reason for doing this to me. I don't agree with it one bit, whatever the circumstances. I'm not black but have read enough to realise that they get picked on far more than white people do. I hate it every time I hear a racist remark, and realise how worse it is for the person who is the target of this.