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[Sticky] Is It Too Early For Christmas?  


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16/11/2019 4:10 pm  

I feel slightly silly having my decorations up on my site already halfway through November so I need to know is it too early to have your decorations up yet have you got your decorations up already let me know. I myself got in the spirit a long time ago making this year's Christmas album and things for my blog next month do look out for that btw. 

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17/11/2019 3:13 pm  

I probably feel it slightly too early for Christmas, maybe the last week of November is the right time, they started selling Christmas items back in August where I work, that's way too early. A couple of houses in our street have already got decoration up, the trouble is if you do it too early, you get so used to it that when Christmas actually arrives it no longer feels special. I haven't got any decorations up at home yet, its usually the first week of December.