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Here you will find information about released albums I have made and are all from my homepage.

Snow Queens And Winter Dreams is a 12 track vaporwave Christmas I made quite a bit back now geez time has gone fast. It is a collection of Christmas/winter album for this year’s Christmas and doesn’t tell any story just music on this one with Christmas sounds and titles to match. I went through all the presets to find the best wintery sounds for the album and had the name for the album before I did the album but I knew I wanted it wintery and Christmas which I think I kept it as. The genre is in Vaporwave but has hip hop there too. and are all chilled vibes you can chill to while we wait for Christmas to arrive maybe wrap up some presents.

Lockdown is a 12 track house album I’ve made and is made up of remixes from other songs and some original songs in there too. It has some vocal tracks but most of it is instrumental beats as I found it hard to find the right vocals for my tracks. I thought I’d just make a random album instead of making a concept album as it was that kind of album, I felt. I appear on two of the tracks on this album Hey 2 The People and Time Flow as I wanted to write something without being too consumed with the process of writing a full album. The album is called Lockdown for two reasons it represents the old me who was locked down and isolated myself from everyone and the other reason I’m taking control of my life and going lock it down to reach my goals so that’s the two r

Incidental Trips is a 12 track acid house album that was brought on by a suggestion by a friend that I should do an acid house album so here it is. I rented the legendary Roland TB 303 for all the acid leads and I enjoyed putting it together as always. The album title Incidental Trips is named cos for two reasons. One it’s named after a Notorious B.I.G. line off Nobody where he says “Incidents like this I take trips Lay up in Miami with Tamika and Tammy” now not sure if he is tripping whilst taking a trip out of town but it came to mind so that’s the first reason. The second reason is now I’m not sure if anyone has seen the pattern but there are the last three letters of acid in incidental so I named it after that too. There aren’t any thoughts in this album just random titles and music except for one Tusks which was about the poaching of elephant tusks in Africa and as we know has been quietly made legal by the Trump administration. I have a great passion for acid house and more like the 80s collection myself but this album is house tracks with acid leads in with some retro tracks in there too. I enjoyed making it so much I made it in under a week and plus I needed to finish the album by the end of this month so I was keen to get it done. If you have any suggestions like genre styles, titles or even concepts feel free to contact me with your suggestions I have a thirst for it now lol.

Found In Time is a 12 track Vaporwave/Progressive Rock/Hauntology album that is based around this year’s theme for World Mental Health Day which is suicide prevention. It follows a man’s struggle with life and eventually a breakdown which leads to a suicide attempt but he gets saved in time by a stranger and ends up having a happy ending but not before the up and downs of life first. Bits and pieces are based on true stories and a bit of my own in there too. It’s the second album I have done for this year mental health day and this was the first and only one before I decided to make Clear The Air which is all my story of mental health.

Maze’s Mixtape’s; Clear TheAir is a 15 track mixtape which was originally an album but I made it into a mixtape by putting some of my older tracks I did over the years with some vocals I wrote myself on top. It wasn’t going to be a personal mixtape but I had a lot of stuff to get off my chest so I wrote it from the heart no fake BS. Plus it’s Mental Health Month in America so I thought I write a song which turned into a whole mixtape. It covers issues from mental health, love for music and also the hate for music and other topics like haters and loneliness, I must admit it’s not my most chirpiest of albums but it was from the heart like I said. It’s called maze’s mixtapes as have you ever been in a maze? and this episode as I plan on doing more is called Clear The Air as if you haven’t guessed already I’m clearing the stuff off my chest.

Afro Cosmic Generation is a 12 track Afrofuturism album I put together for Black History Month which is this month (October.) For those who don’t know what Afrofuturism is just think the legendary movie, Black Panther or if you’re a bit of a geek you would know it came from a comic first. Afrofuturism incorporates black history and culture and also technology along with sci-fi and also can be found in music with the futuristic looks like Missy Elliot has done many of times with her dopest videos. This album was a hard one to make and I had to rely on bongo drums in the tracks to make it into more of an afro sound and used old synths (the V Collection) for the sci-fi sounds. The album titles incorporate history, phrases and even a TV show Roots and were the easiest bit for me I found it hard making the tracks into an Afro sound but I think I managed it. I’ve put the inspiration behind the album in the facts tracks section and is a short video by YouTubers Say It Proud and is about the meaning behind Afrofuturism.

Dark Impressions is a 13 track vaporwave/prog rock/hauntology album I made for this year’s Halloween. It is all around pictures I have taken throughout the years around where I live Bristol and is when I used to put photos on Flickr. They are all old places and have much history to it from an old railway track to an asylum all near to me. Some of the photos have stories behind them and I have put up a full detailed event of what happened in my blog section but I’ll leave a link at the end of this post. I also made an audiobook and a chapbook of 13 poems to go alongside the photos and tracks which you get a choice of one free with the album both on my website and on Bandcamp. The tracks are either dark or melodic or a bit of both and have got sound effects to put that stamp of what I was trying to convey which I hope I succeeded in doing.

Into The Lion’s Den is a 12 track Drum & Bass/Jungle album that took what felt like an eternity to finish. It’s part instrumental, part vocal remixes of my house tracks I’ve done over the years and is part jungle part drum & bass with lots of breaks of course. I called it into the lion’s den as this year and more next year especially I’m throwing myself back into life again after being a hermit for nearly a decade and that was due to my dog who I sadly had to put down in June this year (2019.) This is a big step for me and I am working on the big finale which is a wedding abroad in Florida to be exact, that’s next year (2020) so I’m taking baby steps. It’s a free download but I am asking for small donations from you to keep making music and paying the music bills, thank you if you do make a contribution.

Dystopia (The Album) is a 19 track demo album I put together from the sample pack I also made. The tracks are edgy but melodic and are ambient but danceable. I hope it has a dystopian feel to it and represents the current state of affairs in both America and Britain, it is a free download and be found here;

Charlotte Urns is a 12 track Vaporwave album which was inspired by the Youtube channel Holy Koolaid which is all about exposing psychics for being fake. This album concentrates on the ways we are being lied to as people and the era of which we are living in, in a dishonest one I think full of lies and deceit. It’s mainly the main liers like tv, doctors, newspapers and so forth and is just a reminder to the stupid not to believe everything you hear on the news etc as factual and should be met with scepticism. I’ve like you might of have, have seen some proper propaganda from facebook and seen a lot of fake stuff and have seen quite enough for my lifetime lol.

Brexalon is a 12 track Vaporwave/Hauntology album that was inspired by the recent years of the Brexit war going on right now and for the last 4 or so years. It is set in a post-Brexit England where we have left Europe and tells the story in a dystopian world where the country is a hot mess and ready to be exploited by the rich and powerful. It was going to be a utopia and dystopia side to it but I’m against Brexit and couldn’t promote the good sides as there is too much wrong with it and any way that’s not a real cause in my opinion. The album is dark but melodic and is all made from V Collection 7 a synthesizer I’m loving at the moment and in my opinion one of the best around if you are looking for a synth for Vaporwave/Hauntology/ Prog Rock. I mostly got inspiration from various sites and forums where they looked at the impact of if we did leave Europe and was all based on the worst case scenario.

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