In Fx’s is an Fxs and found sounds sample pack I put together using everyday items I found around the house and I bought, It can be used for most genres but works well with Vaporwwave. Each sample has been processed with Fxs like reverb, delay and distortion and also comes with the non-processed versions too so you can process your own sounds, they have also been eq and compressed so the sounds are ready to go.

Dystopia the sample pack is a Vaporwave/Prog Rock/Hauntology sample pack I put together, it is a dark and moody sample pack with melodic and hard edgy sounds in there. It’s my first sample pack I’ve made and I’m sure it won’t be the last one either as I rather enjoyed putting it together, don’t enjoy the upload problem though but that’s now sorted. There is a free album to go alongside this sample pack and can be found on my Bandcamp page. Fun fact about the album cover or though it’s not that fun the sheep mask represents people who want Brexit and the wall to happen and represents a dystopian, less fun more interesting I think lol.

Dystopia (The Album) is a 19 track demo album I put together from the sample pack I also made. The tracks are edgy but melodic and are ambient but danceable. I hope it has a dystopian feel to it and represents the current state of affairs in both America and Britain, it is a free download and be found here;


Charlotte Urns is a 12 track Vaporwave album which was inspired by the Youtube channel Holy Koolaid which is all about exposing psychics for being fake. This album concentrates on the ways we are being lied to as people and the era of which we are living in, in a dishonest one I think full of lies and deceit. It’s mainly the main liers like tv, doctors, newspapers and so forth and is just a reminder to the stupid not to believe everything you hear on the news etc as factual and should be met with scepticism. I’ve like you might of have, have seen some proper propaganda from facebook and seen a lot of fake stuff and have seen quite enough for my lifetime lol.




    Brexalon is a 12 track Vaporwave/Hauntology album that was inspired by the recent years of the Brexit war going on right now and for the last 4 or so years. It is set in a post-Brexit England where we have left Europe and tells the story in a dystopian world where the country is a hot mess and ready to be exploited by the rich and powerful. It was going to be a utopia and dystopia side to it but I’m against Brexit and couldn’t promote the good sides as there is too much wrong with it and any way that’s not a real cause in my opinion. The album is dark but melodic and is all made from V Collection 7 a synthesizer I’m loving at the moment and in my opinion one of the best around if you are looking for a synth for Vaporwave/Hauntology/ Prog Rock. I mostly got inspiration from various sites and forums where they looked at the impact of if we did leave Europe and was all based on the worst case scenario.