Brexalon is a 12 track Vaporwave/Hauntology album that was inspired by the recent years of the Brexit war going on right now and for the last 4 or so years. It is set in a post-Brexit England where we have left Europe and tells the story in a dystopian world where the country is a hot mess and ready to be exploited by the rich and powerful. It was going to be a utopia and dystopia side to it but I’m against Brexit and couldn’t promote the good sides as there is too much wrong with it and any way that’s not a real cause in my opinion. The album is dark but melodic and is all made from V Collection 7 a synthesizer I’m loving at the moment and in my opinion one of the best around if you are looking for a synth for Vaporwave/Hauntology/ Prog Rock. I mostly got inspiration from various sites and forums where they looked at the impact of if we did leave Europe and was all based on the worst case scenario.