Monthly Update: July 2020

Hi everyone I hope we are all good and are moving on from the 2020 drama we now call Jumanji. You guessed it I’ve been keeping busy doing various stuff which …

Pictures From The Club

Red lipstick on the collar reminds her of yesterday, Though it’s all not clear, Memories fade away, Dodgy deals in the corner people come and go, Selling fake designers, But the …

What’s The Latest

Hi everyone how are we all I’m good thanks just been keeping myself busy with various stuff. I’d like to start with a special announcement and to let people know I …

Sour Eyes

Sour Eyes is a 12 track Hip Hop/R’n’B instrumental album I made which is both dark and upbeat. I got inspired after I was writing some songs as in lyrics as I enjoy writing and got inspired after hearing some tracks off Youtube and Soundcloud. I manged to get the tracks down to standard times not my normal 7-9 minute long tracks that some of you may be used to. The title of the album Sour Eyes comes from the track Bitter Eyes and is what I would call a person who can’t hide their feelings and is written all over their face of sour feelings towards you.

Nature’s Elements

Nature’s Elements is a 8 track Vaporwave/Hauntology mini album I made around the 8 elements of nature, nature, fire, ice, air, darkness, light, earth and water. I made it in less than 24 hours and stayed up all night working on the album. I tried to make it all different by going with different BPMs and tried to go for a set theme but it got hard at some points. This is my first album and usually make albums or EPs but I thought I’d do something a little different to what I usually do and anyway 8 was the number though I did see it went up to 12 elements but I chose 8 instead.


Paws For Thought is a 12 track Synthwave album I made around my dog Patch who I put down last year on the 19th June 2019 and is her 1st year not here. I wanted to do a jolly album so this is a light album with some tracks staring me and my mate Artic Fox on which I got from old home video recordings. There are two versions of the album a free version, a paid version with three more tracks and also a merch pack with a keyring, A5 poster and the album you can find it all on Bandcamp. I decided any money I get I will donate to a charity called the PDSA a non government charity that helps people with their sick and injured pets so all donations are welcome, thanks if you do make a purchase.

Paid Version

Free Version



Neon Live is a 12 track Synthwave album with a bit of Electro Funk in there too. It started out as a Electro Funk album but I found it hard to find sounds that fit the bill so I turned it into a synthwave album instead which was a more easier job to do rather then go through 100s of presets and still find it just wasn’t what I was looking for but I do hope to try again some time soon. The album is kind of reminiscent of 80’s House music, Electro Funk and late 70s to early 80s hip hop with drum kits like the 808 and 606 both drum kits used in those genres when it was first trending. Even though I did try to make it old skool with the drums and synths it still has a few modern like Synthwave tracks in there too but I tried to keep it mostly old skool flavas. It is called Neon Live as neon cos it’s 80s baby and live comes from live wires and also live performance the clean sort obviously lol.


Lucky Star is a 12 track House remix album of my Jungle/Drum & Bass, Chiptune, Vaporwave and of course House tracks I’ve released except for one track which I haven’t released the original version but did the remix which I did for sensitivity reasons. As always expect club like tracks filled with humour and characters from famous films and TV series which you can find out more in Track Facts in the main menu after the 21st of May. The album title Lucky Star is from my Favorite Madonna track this and Justify My Love I have a few actually yeah and what lol, but it’s from that song and is where I got the inspiration for the album title.


Mad Conversations is a 12 track UK Funky House album that is a little different to what I do but technically it’s still on the grounds of house but more UK Garage. I decided to do a UK Funky House album for a couple of reasons. One cos it’s one of the genres I always wanted to make and secondly I got inspired after hearing some on radio and a Crazy Cousin’s mix on Youtube which I actually put my back out to whilst dancing to it now I am telling my age lol. I haven’t heard any UK Funky House tracks for ages and this is just a trip down memory lane and I hope you like it. Oh one more thing it’s called Mad Conversations as I’ve had a fair share of them and actually vibe off them interesting and the silly. I like to get into deep conversations and also I’m a nutter so I have mad conversations with myself so that is that too.


A special album I made due to recent events something I whipped up in under a week gotta get it while it’s hot lol!?. If you didn’t guess by the title of the album it is all about the Corona Virus that is turning out to be a headache. I thought this would be a perfect time for a virus album and of course, there are some dark tracks but also some upbeat tracks too as I didn’t want it all doom and gloom. I went out a few times and it was quite eerie, hardly anybody on the streets, shelves bare, waiting outside shops to be allowed in, protection screens all in the album. I hope everyone is staying safe and at home except for the unfortunate ones who have to work my heart goes out to you and good luck out there to you all.





This Ebook is about my first-time experience with psychedelics and what happened the night I took them and what I think about them now. This is just my opinion and whatever is said in the book is from my own personal experiences and shouldn’t be tried by yourself or any others. Not to mention they are illegal in most places in the world so if you are going to do them, please check your laws and repercussions before you do take them. It was written about a year ago now and actually started on a word document then a blog post then I decided to make an ebook instead as I thought that was the best way to do it in the end. I thought I’d share my own experience with psychedelics and note down my first trip and I thought it would be an interesting thing to jot down. There are many rumours and speculation about the drug and I wanted to go on my own discovery so I did and what I wrote is what happened.